Making A Climbing Wall-do It Yourself

At first thought, the idea of building your own climbing wall can seem pretty crazy. It might not be as tough as you think.

Kids love to climb, but most climbing centers have age limits on those they consider old enough to climb. If you build a wall yourself, nobody can tell you you’re not old enough to tall enough.

Obviously, safety is a big concern, and that will have an impact on the scale of your product.

Here’s an article that lays out some of the safety issues you need to consider.

If you decide that you can handle the possible downside of safety issues then you are going to need some ideas about matching your expectations with your space and your budget.

If you don’t want to completely do it yourself, there are climbing wall kits you can but to get you started.

Perhaps the best source of ideas and details can be found on YouTube. is your source for gaffers tape, batteries, tie line, extension cords and more. All “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

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Just search for “how to build a climbing wall“.

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