Climb With Your Eyes! Tape Really Helps.

New climbers are often given the advice “climb with your eyes”.

This can have many nuances, but, in essence what this means is that visually planning a route all the way to the top of the wall is essential if you want to get to the peak.

Good route setters know that using bright and contrasting route setting tape is essential for being able to map out your route before you ever leave the ground.

Cloth route setting tape is far and away the best tool for visually imagining getting from point to point, because it is available in so many colors.

Using dissimilar colors for hand holds close together means that you can easily assess the path you need to take well before you get to the point of making the decision about where to reach next.

There are few exercises stronger than visualization to get you where you really want to go. is your source for gaffers tape, batteries, tie line, extension cords and more. All “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

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