Route Setting Glossary

Setter-The person who plans, designs and marks the climbing route

Crux-The most important, and usually most difficult, portion of the route

Gaffers tape-generic name for cloth route setting tape

Forerunner-Climber who tests the route before others attempt to follow it

Dyno-A particularly difficult or challenging move created by the route setter

Stem-Climbing by using your hands and feet in opposition rather than together

Spike tape-generic name for cloth route setting tape slit to 1/2 inch widths (from theatrical use)

Undercling-Climbing hold installed on a climbing wall in an inverted position

Gaston-A climbing move involving a side pull across the body

Grade-Climbing routes are rated based on their difficulty.  Route setters work with several skilled climbers in order to give a route a grade

YDS Classification System-Rating system for grading difficulty of climbing routes