Handling of Route Setting Tape

Route setting tape is made of tightly woven cotton cloth, which means that no tools are required for cutting.  Simply pull the appropriate length off the roll and, pinch it between your thumb and forefinger and snap it apart with a quick downward motion.

Route setters creating routes that use multiple colors of route setting tape can place  a number of half inch and one inch rolls around the wrist and still have complete use of both hands when performing route setting tasks.

This tape has a thin transparent vinyl coating which makes it water resistant and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.  This finish also makes the material sweat resistant and the high quality dyes are colorfast so the color will not fade or bleed.

Cloth route setting tape uses a synthetic rubber adhesive which is designed to remove without leaving behind an adhesive residue.  Because this adhesive is fairly aggressive, care should be taken when attaching it to or removing it from painted surfaces.

While the surface of cloth route setting tape is water resistant, it can still be written on with an indelible marker.  Sharpie Markers (or similar markers) can be used for “smear proof” writing directly on the tape.