Evaluating Indoor Climbing Facilities

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating climbing gyms

Does safety come first?

-above all, safety of climbers should come first

Does staff seem well trained?

climbing wall staff should be well trained, friendly and open to questions

Is the facility well-lit?

-good lighting is critical for training and climbing

Does facility regularly change routes?

-new routes set by qualified route setters are what make return visits by climbers interesting

Are climbing routes well marked?

-use of quality route setting tape or other methods for creating well marked routes is necessary.  The  “grade” (level of difficulty) for each route should be posted clearly.

Is this a “dedicated” climbing facility?

-facilities that incorporate climbing walls as one part of a multi-use facility may not offer regular updates and upgrades to their climbing environment.

Does the facility have adequate insurance?

-any climbing gym should be able to show users their insurance coverage